Rye Serling

Genre Writer, Podcaster, and Media Critic

I am available for sound design, podcast or script editing, reviews and think pieces about games, and voice acting. Email me.Writing a book. Making an audio drama. Releasing video game criticsm.You can find me as @littleampersand most places.

Rye is a writer, voice actor, and sound designer with a lifelong passion for storytelling.They have written for film sites, the I Dream of Indie YouTube channel, an episode of the award-winning podcast Someone Dies in This Elevator, and have voice acted in some others under the moniker Ryan James Horner.Find them with their cat, scattered fragments of notepaper, or under a pile of blankets with a scary movie.Email them.

Click the link to listen: Directed by Rye

Click the link to listen: Written by Rye

Cllick the link to listen: Superstition as Zachariah

However Improbable as Narrator for "The Adventure of the Gloria Scott".

Review of Yomawari: Lost in the Dark for I Dream of Indie.